At Sister Crows Native American we carry a great variety of items .From handcrafted Native American Jewelry,
drums, wall decor, herbs, pottery, to our Large music area and Chief Laurentian moccasins there is something for
you. We guarantee you will discover what you desire or perhaps an item may even discover you.  

We even take orders over the phone, Anything ordered will be sent out the next day through UPS.
We Carry a large variety of Diamond Blankets, Falsa
Blankets, and beautifully designed rugs.
In this Picture you can see a totem, rugs, Native Tees and
much more!
Our timeless dolls are elegantly decorated and waiting for
someone to take them home.
One section of our large music collection. We carry local as
and well renowned Native American Artists. Ranging from
powwow, flute, solo artist and compilations, your feet will
be dancing all day.
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Photo Album
Sister Crows Native American
Above: A wide variety of incense

Right: A small sample of our Laurentian Chief
Bottom Left: Handcrafted Native American rings
from the Navajo Reservation
Bottom: Some of our herbal section. We carry Sage
and Essiac just to name a few!
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We carry a beautiful variety.
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