Sister Crows Native American has been living in
North Conway, NH for 16years now, and we continue
to evolve. We are currently located at 2627 White
Mountain Highway in the "Heart" of North Conway.
This is our sixth movement. Sister Crows will stay
open for our loyal customers and the native

Our main idea is to be here for the people. We will
help, encourage, and inspire any who are in need or
perhaps just passing by. Upon visiting you will find a
harmonious environment with positive energy that
will stay in your spirit even after you have left. Not
to mention hand-crafted Native American items full
of love and strength.
On Black Friday Sister Crows  had a pipe burst above
us..we had to close down for  a couple weeks..missing
a key shopping time for Christmas..but we are now
open  for business and have survived the
ordeal..hoping those who missed us because our
website and computer was down will continue to
enjoy what Sister Crows has to offer...And the new
look of Sister Crows...
New pictures will be available as soon as possible!!!
Sister Crows is on myspace!

Check it out!
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Sister Crows is located to
the Village of North
Conway, next to the
movie theater, across
from Schouler Park and
the train station.